Forwarding an Email as an Attachment

17 February 2017, 09:33

Forwarding an email is the best way to pass on an email and keep the original layout and styles of the email. When you forward emails inline (the default forwarding method for most email programs) the styles and layout can sometimes be changed automatically once the email is sent without you knowing.

Whether you are reporting an error or spam, or wanting to forward an email without losing its layout, forwarding as an attachment is the solution.

Follow the instructions below that matches your email program to learn how to forward an email as an attachment.

Microsoft Outlook


Mozilla Thunderbird


Apple Mac OS Mail

  1. Create a new message (⌘N)
  2. Return to your inbox
  3. Click and hold on the message you want to attach until it turns into a letter icon
  4. (Still holding down) drag and drop the icon into the new message window
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for as many messages as you want to attach.