Amusing Secret Features of Everyday Programs

31 January 2017, 10:21

Sometimes programming can be a tiring, arduous task, especially when developing software. It is understandably that some programmers get a kick from hiding little treasures within their code in the hope that one day, someone may find it.

Here is a list of some hidden "Easter Eggs" you may not know exist in Applications and Programs you use everyday.

Mozilla FireFox

Open Mozilla FireFox and enter one of the following in the address bar.

  • about:robots
    An ode to Blade Runner
  • about:mozilla
    Shows a Bible like excerpt about Mozilla. This is from the "Book of Mozilla", a secrete literature inserted into Mozilla Browsers since AOL Netscape in 1995


Google has a mountain of interactive search results with varying degrees of entertainment. Try searching some of the following:


If you have an Android device, head to your About Phone (or Device) menu in the settings and repetitively tap on the Android Version displayed on your screen.

Depending on what version you are running, a unique animation will play. For example, on Android 6.01 (Marshmellow) a cartoon Marshmellow is displayed, tap the marshmellow to start an Android themed "Flappy Bird" style game.

Have a look around within your apps and programs. You will never know what you will find.