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Mobile Friendly Websites

The Flatout CMS is all you need if you are looking for a mobile friendly website for your business or organisation - no matter the size.

There are no limits on how many pages you can have and if you have lots of files / photos to showcase and need more space then you can purchase more. 

The Flatout CMS handles all the basics as you would expect and we have some sweet features that might just blow your socks off!

Flatout will set up your website in a mobile friendly template, host your website, manage your domain and provide you with domain email address.

Mobile Friendly eCommerce Websites

The Flatout eCommerce package includes the Flatout CMS and the eCommerce Online Store module.

The ultimate solution for online commerce.

Sell your goods with real time credit card payments through Payment Express (DPS) / WIPS Plus - Westpac or if you want a solution that pays directly into you New Zealand bank account you can choose the PayPal * credit card gateway.

Flatout sets up your website in a standard mobile friendly template, hosts your website, manages your domain and provides you with domain email address.

Mobile Friendly Websites from $1500+GST

  • Adding / Editing Pages (no limit)
  • Uploading / Linking Files and Images
  • Multi User Login
  • SEO Friendly Page Addresses (URLs)
  • Compatible with Google Analytics
  • Google Site Map Submission
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Maps
  • Photo Galleries
  • Embed YouTube Videos
  • Social Media Links + Widgets
  • Email Contact Form
  • Domain Name (
  • Domain Email (
  • 10GB Monthly Traffic
  • 2GB Hosting Storage
  • Additional Traffic and Storage Packages available

Monthly Hosting/Licence Fee: $95 + GST

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Mobile Friendly eCommerce Websites from $3000+GST

  • Flatout CMS Standard Package plus...
  • Products/Online Store Module
    • Product Categories
    • Products
    • Customers + Customer Grouping + Customer Orders
    • Vouchers, Coupons, Promo Codes
    • Standard or Customised Shipping Calculations (additional charges apply)
    • Multiple Payment options (Credit Card, Direct Credit, Cheque) 
    • DPS, WIPS+, or  PayPal* for Credit Card
    • And much more...
  • Domain Name ( )
  • Domain Email ( )
  • Blog / News Module
  • 10GB Monthly Traffic
  • 5GB Hosting Storage

* Additional charges and conditions apply

Monthly Hosting / Licence Fee: $125 + GST

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Base CMS Modules

Below are the base features of the Flatout CMS. Click a tab to view more information.


The Website Pages module is, as it says, a module for adding and editing your websites pages. You can also change the layout of a page by moving blocks within a page around, interact with sidebars, insert special blocks such as file lists, image galleries, embeded youtube video and much more. In the Rich Text Editor, sometimes known as a WYSIWYG (wiss-e-wig), you can link to other pages within your website and to other external websites, link to files, insert images, insert tables .

Rich Text Editor Features

  • Font Styles: Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike Through, Subscript, Superscript
  • Paragraph: Align Left, Right Centre, Justified
  • Insert special characters
  • Create bullet point lists and numbered lists
  • Paste content from Word
  • and much more...

Screenshot of Rich Text Editor in Flatout CMS Version 4

Example View of the Rich Text Editor in Flatout CMS Version 4

The Assets module is where you manage all your files. Be they images (photos and graphics), PDFs, Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Music, Video, CAD drawings or what ever you want to allow visitors to your website to download or view.

Images (photos and graphics), when uploaded have various sizes created that maybe  handy for use around your website. This allows you to upload large images and not have to worry about resizing them before uploading. If you want a special size you can also make one yourself within the Assets module.

Screenshot of Assets Module in Flatout CMS Version 4

Example of Assets Module Flatout CMS Version 4 - Folder List View

The Flatout CMS allows you to manage your own user access and has no limit on the number of users you give access to.

The Stats and SEO section has links to Google Login, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools along with an area to insert your Google Analytics code so Google Analytics can start tracking your visitors.

Add to this some helpful tips on writing Seach Engine Optimised content for your website, this is just another feature of the Flatout CMS giving you the edge.

Add On Modules

Add ON modules allow you to add additional functionality to your website CMS. Use the tabs below to view more information about the Flatout CMS Add On modules. Flatout can also custom make or modify existing modules to suit your needs.

The Products module can be used for showcasing a catalogue of products right through to a full blown e-Commerce solution. With integration of payment gateways Payment Express (DPS), e-Way and PayPal you can choose which option suits you best or Flatout can help you make that decision.

With the ability to customise just about anything that comes out of the CMS, Flatout can tailor make an e-Commerce solution for you.  Read more about our Products module in our e-Commerce case studies.

The Blog/News module can be used for either a blog or news or both. The Blog/News module is great for articles that need to be listed by date or arranged into categories which you have the freedom to create as many categories, sub categories and articles as you want.

The Polls module allows you to create online polls to survey visitors then output the data to a CSV file for analysing and we're not talking small yes/no polls. We're talking fully customised polls with grouped questions, optional/required questions and the ability to have contributors upload files if needed. We know that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to setting up a poll and Flatout can assist you in achieving what it is you want to do.

There are no limits on the number of separate polls you can have within your website.

Note: The Poll module is a premium module and attracts additional monthly and setup fees.

If you have a project that falls outside the Flatout CMS core or add on modules we can build a custom module for you or modify one of our existing modules specifically to suit.

If you have any questions about custom modules please feel free to contact Flatout.

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