What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) creates a secure link between a website and your internet browser. The SSL Certificate ensures that all data passed between the two is encrypted and stays private, this helps prevent hackers from stealing your private information such as credit card numbers, names, address and other sensitive data.

Most main stream browsers now have a visual cue (usually a padlock icon - ) that lets you know if a website you are visiting has a valid SSL Certificate.

See the examples below:


Google Chrome with SSL Certificate


Google Chrome without SSL Certificate



Mozilla Firefox with SSL Certificate


Mozilla Firefox without SSL Certificate



OS Safari with SSL Certificate


OS Safari without SSL Certificate



Microsoft Edge with SSL Certificate


Microsoft Edge without SSL Certificate



Microsoft Internet Explorer with SSL Certificateie_w_cert

Microsoft Internet Explorer without SSL Certificateie_wo_cert

If you require an SSL Certificate for your website or you have any questions regarding SSL Certificates feel free to contact Flatout and one of our team will help you out.